Wednesday 30 April 2014

MPI Tool pack 0.027

Small change to MakePartImage - it now always creates partitions with a 255 Heads x 63 Sectors per track geometry. This may make the CSM mode more bootable on certain systems/BIOSes.

If you find that the CSM menu does not boot on some systems (but does on most others) please try (in order):

1. Re-make the .imgPTN file using the new 027 version of MakePartImage.
2. Try using a file extension of .imgPTNA and use the latest E2B version.
3. (for non-syslinux bootable images only) Use RMPrepUSB to install grub4dos to the PBR when it is in the CSM image mode (i.e. switch to CSM menu - unplug - re-plug - install grub4dos to PBR).
4. If it still does not boot, please contact me for help.

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