Wednesday 31 March 2021

31st March is World Backup Day!

 So when was the last time you backed up your files?

I tend to keep most of my 'important' files in the 'Cloud' these days, but if my main Windows SSD went kaput, it would still probably take me a good day to re-install Windows and add all the applications that I use and then I would need to allow all the files to re-sync with the 'Cloud'.

Kon-Boot v3.8 is released

 Kon-Boot (#ad) is currently the only solution worldwide I am aware of that can bypass Windows 10 online passwords!

The latest release fixes issues with Win10 20H2

 Main updates:

  • Updates for Windows 10 (Fixed issues and blue screen errors in newest Windows 10 releases (20H2 with newest security updates))

Kon-Boot can be added to your E2B USB drive (see previous article here). You will need to 'register' your E2B USB drive as a 'Kon-Boot' drive by first installing Kon-Boot and then wiping the USB drive and re-installing E2B (and then add back the Kon-Boot files).

Monday 29 March 2021 change of host and a new website

I have been doing a lot of work to transfer the content from the old website (which was hosted by Google Sites) to a WordPress website (now hosted by Hostinger). Well over 150 pages of text and about 300 images!

There was a lot of swearing, fist-banging and tears, I can tell you, because there was no easy, automated way to transfer it all! I have written up how I did it here, in case others want to move away from the 'New Google Sites' which we are being forced to do by Google because they are discontinuing the old Google Sites hosting. The New Google Sites cannot be integrated into Ezoic and it does not support Google AdSense(!). and so it is even less versatile and compatible than the old CMS version was.

I guess that's the problem with free sites and services - they can just decide to withdraw or drastically change them at any time! It wouldn't surprise me if Blogger wasn't up next for an 'improvement'. Actually this Blogger site and it's CMS is quite adequate for my needs and is free too, so they will probably muck that up soon as well!

My old site can still be found at the 'New Google Sites'

But now points to the new WordPress site. At the moment it does not go through Ezoic however, so any ads on the site are placed there by Google AdSense automation.

New site!

I have also started a new WordPress website at - this is intended to be a 'simple' website for anyone who is new to E2B. The 'old' site is still at

Please look at the new site and let me know if there is anything I have missed out, that someone will need to get started.

At least the experience of migrating to WordPress has proved useful to me whilst writing my new eBook 'How to make $1000 a month from the Internet'!

If you are thinking of building a website, here is a tip for you - always go for a WordPress hosting site (Linux based) - never go for a host that only offers their bespoke Content Management Systems like Wix, etc. and don't be sucked-in by offers of free or very cheap rates for the first year (because the following year's rates won't be cheap)! More info in the eBook ;-).

Friday 26 March 2021

How to make $1000 a month from the Internet

Since I retired in 2011 (actually I was made redundant, but that's another story), I have been experimenting with booting from USB drives and I first started the blog site to write up my experiments for others to follow (mostly the members of It was also a handy way for me to learn how to make a website (which was all new to me).

Some people were grateful for the articles and ask me to set up a 'Donate' page so they could buy me a cup of coffee or two.

After a while, I placed AdSense ads on that site and so I started to get some revenue from the adverts. After that, I realised that I could actually make some money from the website and it helped to pay the website host costs which were approx. £100 a year.

Since then, I have made YouTube videos, blogs, an E2B website and written some eBooks - all of these have helped to pay my expenses as well as bring in an income.

I have chatted to friends over the years, and I even managed to convince a few of them that they also can make money from the Internet (which a few have done). 

I have now scribbled down a lot of my ideas, methods, hints, tips and mistakes into an eBook called 'How to make $1000 a month from the Internet'.

I chose the figure of $1000/month because I really do feel that it is possible for almost anyone who is willing to spend a little time and effort to achieve that figure (if not more).