How to redirect an old domain to a new host which has a different page structure

 I had a site with the web host provider webnode for ''. This was not a WordPress site however and the webnode Content Management System (CMS) that I was using was no longer maintained by webnode. The only way to transfer my site to their new CMS and get better support and the new features that I needed (ads.txt) was to make a completely new site on webnode. Since I was paying for the Premium package (due to the high bandwidth it required, as I get thousands of hits a day), I decided I might as well set up a new site with a different host and try WordPress instead. 

So I went with Hostinger and I don't regret it one bit! Hostinger are always very helpful in sorting out any problems and very good value too.

I wanted to make a new site with a new domain at '' but since all the pages would have different URLs, I planned to have both sites up and running at the same time. I would later redirect all .com traffic to the new site.

When an http GET request is made to a host server, it needs to recognise the domain name in the URL (e.g. so I could not just direct traffic to the .xyz site because the Hostinger server would not be able to find a site on its server with that name. That meant I had to create an extra small 'dummy' site on the Hostinger server also called

So I had to have two sites on the Hostinger server plus the old webnode site:

  • 1 - webnode: - the old site with all the old pages.
  • 2 - Hostinger: - the new site with all the new pages, etc.
  • 3 - Hostinger: - a minimal site with no pages - just a basic WordPress install.

The two DNS registration servers were then set up like this:

  • A - Hostinger Domain  NS: ""  points to -> Hostinger server
  • B - webnode  Domain  NS: "" points to -> WebNode server

Once satisfied that the new .xyz site (2) was working correctly and I had duplicated all the page content from the old .com site, I now needed to redirect all traffic from to as follows:

1. Ensure the dummy WordPress 'site 3' had SSL enabled so it would accept both http and https requests.

2. Install the 'All 404 Redirect to Homepage' plugin on site 2 - redirect to

3. Install the 'Redirection' plugin on site 2

4. Ask webnode for the DNS Nameserver for (B) to be changed and now point to the Hostinger host server.

Now any URLs for, say, ''  will just go to the home page on and the URL shown in the browser will be the home page at ''.

5. However, I don't want old page URLs such as to go to the home page of I want it to go to the new Contact page on

Now, all missed pages which get a 404 redirect will however be logged by the 'redirection' plugin.

So using the Redirection plugin, I went to the '404s' page (WordPress - Tools - Redirection - 404s) on the new dummy Wordpress site 2. Here (after a while) will be listed any 'bad' user-requested page or file URLs which got redirected to the xyz home page because the specific page requested doesn't exist. The contact_me page could now be called '' for instance.

I can then simply click on the redirect link under each entry in the '404s' form to open up a page redirect form where I can type in the new full target .xyz page address.

After a few days, the most frequently used pages will appear in the 404s report and I can redirect them all to the correct pages (or files) on the new .xyz site.

After a week or so, there should be very few 'missed' 404s in the report.

Eventually, in 2023, the domain registration for will expire and will no longer exist - unless I decide to renew the domain name registration to keep it alive...

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