Sunday 12 May 2024

agFM v1.A3 BUGFIX RELEASE - please update!

This bug affects anyone who uses .imgPTN* files that contain images of Windows Installers or WinPE images and they UEFI booting to agFM. Please update agFM.

v1.A3 2024-05-12 - bugfix - if you boot to agFM and Partition 1 has a XML or INI file in the root, agFM always permanently altered some of those files. This permanently changes the imgPTN image file contents if one has been swapped into Partition 1. The new version now only cleans these files if Partition 1 contains E2B files.

Info: When E2B (legacy) or agFM (legacy or UEFI) first boots, it cleans out the contents of various .xml files and .ini in the root of Partition 1 (see files above). If the user then runs a Windows ISO (or launches Ventoy), these files will then not affect anything.

Sunday 5 May 2024

How to improve your Ventoy USB drive!

Ventoy is a very good multiboot solution but it lacks some features and has some legacy compatibility issues. A common problem is that Linux distros keep changing and they break Ventoy compatibility and so you find that you cannot boot to the latest Linux ISO any more and have to wait for a Ventoy update. Using E2B or grubfm can often solve this issue.

Here is how to enhance your Ventoy USB drive and make it much more compatible and reliable. E2B and grubfm use a more compatible and universal method to boot Linux ISOs (but it requires the ISO to be contiguous and USB partition 4 must be unused).