Thursday 22 April 2021

Add a Secure Boot partition to your E2B USB drive

 A recent Windows Update in Windows 10 has meant that the Kaspersky Microsoft-signed EFI boot file that is used by agFM on the Easy2Boot USB drive is often blocked by the target systems UEFI Firmware.

This prevents us from Secure UEFI-booting.

Apart from disabling Secure Boot in the BIOS, you can go into the BIOS Setup menu and delete/clear/reset the DBx UEFI database - or - another way around this problem is to place a version of WinPE on a new FAT32 3rd partition of the E2B USB drive.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

'How to make $1000 a month from the Internet' eBook price now reduced to only $5


My latest eBook 'How to make $1000 a month from the Internet' has now been reduced to only $5 (was $10). It also now updated to revision v1.01.

If you want to supplement your income with some passive income from the Internet, then this book should help you.

See here for more details.

Monday 12 April 2021

Fedora 33 live boot with persistence (fixed)

Fedora 33 with persistence

The Fedora LiveCD ISO can support persistence but the persistence file must be on a FAT32 or ext2/3/4 partition.

To boot from an Easy2Boot NTFS USB drive, we can convert the ISO to a FAT32 .imgPTN file and then add in the persistence file to the new FAT32 partition.

This process was described in a 2017 blog article here, however it seems Fedora persistence has changed slightly since then and recent versions no longer recognise the persistence file.

The blog instructions have now been updated so that you can Legacy and UEFI64-boot to a Fedora 33 .imgPTN file with a persistence file. Two folders needed to be added inside the persistence volume to fix the problem.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Latest Betas with bugfixes available and Puppy persistence

 E2B v2.09c

  • Add check in various .cmd files to check for wmic command in PATH 'wbem' environment
  • Remove Update E2B link from Launcher app.
  • Memtest86 .imgPTN23 updated to v9 build 2020 free version
  • Small text help changes to some Mainmenu .mnu files
  • Bugfix - fix Puppy ISOs with .isopup extension not booting

agFM 1.71c

  • Support for Strelec ISOs on UEFI32 devices with 64-bit CPUs (e.g. Asus T100).
  • Memtest86 v9 build 2020 EFI files updated.
  • Add DrWeb+persistence .grubfm example to \e2b\Sample agFM Menu Files folder
  • Add slacko_v7.grubfm and .cfg sample file added to \e2b\Sample agFM Menu Files\Linux folder for Puppy booting.
The new Beta versions can be found in the 'Latest Betas' folder in either of the two 'Alternate Download Areas' (see sidebar).

Puppy (.isopup)

I discovered that the .isopup file extension seems to no longer work in recent versions of E2B (grub4dos seems to have changed and broken it!), so I have modified the code in QRUN.cmd to now work again.