Wednesday 31 March 2021

31st March is World Backup Day!

 So when was the last time you backed up your files?

I tend to keep most of my 'important' files in the 'Cloud' these days, but if my main Windows SSD went kaput, it would still probably take me a good day to re-install Windows and add all the applications that I use and then I would need to allow all the files to re-sync with the 'Cloud'.

I try to compartmentalise my drives. I use a separate fast SSD for my Windows drive + applications, but the Download folder, Temp folder and other 'work' folders are kept on separate volumes - preferably on a separate drive.

My 'Project' files are all kept in a local folder on a different drive which is also sync'ed to DropBox. That way, any changes I make are automatically changed on the DropBox server too and I don't need to remember to backup my work.

By keeping my 'essential' Windows volume 'mean and lean', I can back it up quite quickly.

I have a USB 2TB spinning Hard Disk with Easy2Boot + CloneZilla ISO on it. The E2B drive has a large 3rd NTFS partition to hold all the backup files. I only backup the Windows volume and my 'DropBox' volume on each of the systems I have. You may prefer to use Acronis Backup or some other backup utility.

The 'DropBox' volume is backed up because if I ever did suffer from a RansomWare attack, the DropBox folder on my Hard Disk would get encrypted and DropBox would then sync all those file onto the DropBox server! Although DropBox keep a copy of the old files for a while, it is not easy to restore 100's of archived files one-by-one!

Apparently, it really is World Backup Day (no April Fool's joke).

So as Clint would say - have you backed up today, or do you feel lucky, punk?

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