Thursday 1 May 2014

E2B v1.37 now available

  • New image partition extensions (see below)
  • Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd now installs grub4dos to the PBR and MBR
As well as .imgPTN, the following file extensions are now recognised:

.imgPTNA - same as .imgPTN but the partition is made Active (flagged as bootable). This may be required for some WindowsToGo first boot-time images to avoid a 'Windows could not complete' error on first boot. E2B v1.36 and later.
.imgPTNlba - same as .imgPTN but modifies the partition table - use this instead of .imgPTN is some BIOSes won't boot .imgPTN images. v1.37+
.imgPTNlbaA - same as .imgPTNlba but makes the first partition Active.
.imgPTNAlba23 - same as .imgPTNlba but partition entries 2 and 3 are not removed and partition 1 is made Active. This allows you to boot from a Windows image file but still be able to access the 2nd and 3rd partition on the E2B USB Hard disk. This extension cannot be used for UEFI booting. v1.37+
.imgPTNA23 - same as .imgPTNA but does not clear partition entries 2 and 3 - use for WinPE/WinToGo images on E2B USB hard disks where you want access to the 2nd and 3rd partitions when you boot from the image. Not for UEFI booting.  v1.37+

If you have an E2B USB hard drive which has 2 or 3 partitions, when you boot to a WinToGo image using a .imgPTN file, the 2nd and 3rd partitions on the E2B drive will be removed. You therefore cannot access any files on them when you boot to WinToGo. By using a .imgPTNA23 or .imgPTNAlba23 file extension, you can still access the 2nd and 3rd partitions on your E2B USB HDD.
Note that this is only for non-UEFI booting (UEFI booting requires the first partition to be a FAT32 partition).

The best booting compatibility is obtained using standard MBR boot code and a grub4dos PBR, however for Partition Image booting, a grub4dos MBR is required.  Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd now installs grub4dos to the PBR and MBR.

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