Monday 19 May 2014

MPI_Clover_Pack_Lite_005 (bugfix)

If you are using two images at the same time, please update to Clover Pack 005 (menu.lst has changed)

There was a problem if using two image files at the same time.

For example:

You can quickly add multiple NTFS image partitions of Windows x64 ISOs   (useful for >4Gb install.wim AIO ISOs) to E2B for UEFI or MBR booting as follows:

1. Create a WINSTUB64 empty folder
2. Use this empty folder as the Source folder to create a FAT32 image partition using MPI  (e.g. WINSTUB64.imgPTN). e.g. drag-and-drop the empty folder onto your MPI AUTO FAT32 shortcut.

Now for each Win7/8 64-bit ISO that you have...

1. Use MPI to create an NTFS image from the ISO - e.g. drag-and-drop the ISO file onto your MPI AUTO NTFS shortcut.

To add these files to your E2B drive

1. Copy the large NTFS image file to \_ISO\MAINMENU (or \_ISO\WIN or \_ISO\AUTO)
2. Remove the file extension - the name must not have a . in it - e.g. change Win8.1.imgPTN to Win8_1
3. Copy the WINSTUB64.imgPTN file to the same E2B folder
4. Change the file name and file extension to .imgPTNLBAa  - e.g. Win8_1.imgPTNLBAa
5. (optional) add a .txt file - e.g. Win8_1.txt with a 'title' entry

\_ISO\WIN\Win8_1.imgPTNLBAa      - contains CSM and Clover files
\_ISO\WIN\Win8_1                           - contains image of Win x64 ISO installer
\_ISO\WIN\Win8_1.txt                      - (optional) replacement title

When you boot from the .imgPTNLBAa file to the CSM Menu, it will have a Clover entry and a '3 Boot Windows on 3rd partition (MBR-mode) entry. The '1 BOOT  (MBR mode)' menu entry will not work unless you have also included bootable files in the WINSTUB image.

If you wish, you can edit the \menu.lst file to remove the non-working menu 1 entry by deleting the 20 or so lines below the # --- GENERIC BOOT MENU --- line.

You might also like to change the menu title to whatever is appropriate (e.g. set PAYLOAD=KonBoot and Win8.1 x64 Install).

Instead of the WINSTUB64 file having no payload, you could use any non-Windows Vista/7/8 payload (e.g. Rufus Windows XP flash drive image or KonBoot 2.4). Then the menu  1 BOOT option would boot to Xp install or KonBoot and you could also UEFI-boot to either KonBoot or Win7/8 install via the Clover GUI.

Note that because the Win7/8 install is on an NTFS partition, you cannot boot to it via rebooting from your UEFI system's firmware as that will only 'see' the FAT32 partition.

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