Monday 19 May 2014

MemTest86 v5.1.0 released by Passmark

Ric alerted me to a new version of Memtest86 now maintained by Passmark. There is a free edition and a Pro edition which has more features.

This will be in the next version of  E2B (with permission from Passmark) when I release it (v1.41). It uses a kernel file and a .mnu file only and so is much smaller than the previous ISO-based version.

The ISO or USB download also supports UEFI booting.

You can also make a .imgPTN partition image file from the ISO, however if you allow MakePartImage to install Syslinux to the Partition Boot Record (PBR), then you cannot boot from it using Clover (it will refuse to run).

I suggest you extract just the \EFI folder to a new folder on your hard disk and run MPI FAT32 AUTO on that folder. The .imgPTN file created will be bootable via Clover (if you added the Clover Pack) on 64-bit systems or you can boot via UEFI Firmware. For normal MBR\CSM booting, you can use the Utilities - Memtest menu entry in Easy2Boot.

This is the UEFI boot screen

P.S. In case you don't know - Passmark make some excellent software and I highly recommend having a look at their main website.

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