Tuesday 20 May 2014

MPI Tool Pack 031 with Clover now available

I have now added Clover Lite to the MPI Tool Pack v.031. It only adds 1MB.

If you don't want Clover to be added to your images, edit the MakePartImage.cmd files and add
to the top of the file
OR make new .cmd files and add this:

e.g. MPI_No_Clover.cmd
call MakePartImage.cmd   %*

or even simpler, just delete or rename the CLOVER folder.

v 031 also now includes a CreateDesktopShortcuts.cmd file which runs a vbs script to automatically add three Desktop shortcuts to your Desktop for drag-and-drop operation. The shortcuts will be set up with the Admin box already 'ticked'.

So just:

1. Download the Tool Pack
2. Double-click on CreateDesktopShortcuts.cmd
3. Install ImDisk

and you are good to go.

Drop an ISO file or folder or USB drive icon onto one of the three new Desktop shortcut icons to start the creation of an image partition file. The  FAT32 and NTFS shortcuts usually work with only 0-2 prompts needed (the .imgPTN file is created in the same folder as the Source).

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