Saturday 10 May 2014

New YouTube Video on UEFI support and .imgPTN files now available

I have made a new YouTube video

I sound a bit 'nasal' due to hay-fever as usual!

E2B v1.38 is just being uploaded now.
No need to update if you are happy with your E2B drive. A few small changes were made, mainly in MyE2B.cfg support for moving the top menu heading down from the first line at the top, to any line (e.g. line 2,3 or 4) and also an option to adjust the offset that is automatically applied to the heading and bottom help text. Some new demo 'themes' have also been added - 'Mac' and 'StripedFlat_1024_pwd_is_fred' which has a master password and is in 1024x768 resolution (thanks Craig!) - see the Gallery here.

If you want to update your E2B drive, just extract the non-DPMS version to your existing E2B drive.

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