Sunday 25 May 2014

MPI Tool Pack 034 - HP Utility ISOs now supported

There were a few issues with HP Utility ISOs and MPI.

First, it seems that even though I install syslinux into the PBR using the correct 3.75 version of syslinux, it will not boot the HP files and you get a 'boot:' message. The ONLY way I could get the files to boot correctly using v3.75 was to install syslinux to use -fm which installs to the MBR and the files had to be in the root of the drive. So instead I have used syslinux 4 and removed the troublesome hpbootxx.c32 module.

More details on here.

The second problem was that EFI booting did not work because it had some .cfg files which referenced \system and the boot files were moved by MPI to \syslinux.

These (hopefully) have now been fixed by keeping the \system folder where it is, using syslinux 4 and changing the syslinux.cfg file to remove hpbootxxx.c32.

I tested with SPP2014020B.2014_0421.2.iso (MBR and UEFI boot) and hpacuoffline-8.75-12.0.iso and both seem to work now when converting straight from an ISO to a FAT32 partition image using the AUTO FAT32 shortcut (although I don't have any HP kit to fully test it on!).

YouTube video here.

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