Tuesday, 22 April 2014

MPI Tool Pack (MakePartImage) v0.021/0.022 now available

The CSM menu now tells you if EFI boot files exist, so you can see if EFI booting should work from the image.
I also added a version of the 'E2B TXT Maker.cmd' file to the Utils folder. Just drag and drop any .imgPTN file that is already on your E2B drive, onto this file and it will prompt you to make a new .txt file for the .imgPTN file. P.S. Hit ENTER to make the new file when asked (don't answer Y - this is a bug which will be fixed in the version v0.022!)
By using a .txt file in the same folder as the .imgPTN file, E2B will display any menu entry you like instead of just displaying the name of the .imgPTN file. Of course, you can always use NotePad to manually create a .txt file for each of your .imgPTN files.

v0.022 - allows E2B to be on 1st or 2nd partition when you load a .imgPTN file. Note: old .imgPTN files will reboot before going back to E2B if you booted E2B from the 2nd partition (won't affect most users). so you will need to re-make your .imgPTN files to prevent this. Use with E2B v1.34a.
Also now uses Aurora bitmap for background. If not UEFI bootable then there will be a message under the menu - see screenshot below.

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