Tuesday, 15 April 2014

E2B small update in v1.33

  • There was a small problem when loading .imgPTN files, when it swapped to the new CSM menu inside the image, the menu headings and borders did not display correctly (but were OK if you rebooted). This is fixed in v1.33
  • Also, I have added an autorun.inf file and e2b.ico file so that you can easily see which drive in Explorer is the E2B drive.

The MPI Update Pack continues to improve and the new CSM menu now displays the name of the payload in the menu so you can see what it is going to boot to. The latest pack is v 0.008.

You can change the menu picture by changing the compressed .bmp file in MakePartImage\csm\e2b\CSM_Mode.gz. When you next run MakePartImage, the new bitmap will be used. To change the position and size of the menu and colours, edit the MakePartImage\csm\menu.lst file.
The easiest way to experiment is to switch your E2B drive to one of your .imgPTN images and then edit the files directly on the drive via Windows and test it by booting using VBox. When it is all looking nice, copy the menu.lst and CSM_Mode.gz files to your MakePartImage folder.

If you already have an E2B USB drive with a previous DPMS version of E2B on it, just download the non-DPMS version and extract it to your E2B USB drive - there is no need to download the whole DPMS version as the only difference is the driver pack files which haven't changed.

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