Friday 18 April 2014

MPI Update pack 0.016/0.017 now available

Some more tweaks for using a USB drive as the payload source and also for using your own custom menu.lst file (which you should put in the CUSTOM folder).

0.016 had a minor bug where is listed all the modified menus on the screen, please use 0.017 or later.

By adding your own menu.lst and background file, etc. in the CUSTOM folder, you can change the look of the CSM Menu. Just make sure to use the csm\menu.lst file as a template. When you update MPI, you will not overwrite any of your files in the CUSTOM folder.

I have now made new images of different USB Flash pens that were made using the following programs
  • YUMI
  • PenDriveLinux Universal USB Installer
  • XBOOT (make using Syslinux and use the 'Replace menu.lst' option when asked)
  • WinSetupFromUSB (use the 'Combine menu.lst' option when asked)
  • LiveUSBCreator (with persistence)
  • Rufus

These images all seem to work OK.

So now on my E2B USB Hard Disk, I can boot from almost any ISO or any image I like and, if supported, in UEFI mode too!

There are 10 types of people in the world the other 8 aren't programmers...

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