Wednesday 16 April 2014

MakePartImage Update Pack 0.012/0.013 available (Note: BUG in 0.012! Please use version 0.013 or later!)

Note: sorry, I introduced a bug at the last minute before uploading this version - linux string replacement was skipped! Please re-make any linux .imgPTN files with version 0.013 or later and they should boot in MBR mode!

I have tweaked MPI to work with more linux ISOs. The following all now work booting in MBR boot mode as .imgPTN files.

  • trinity-rescue-kit.3.4-build-372.iso
  • PandaSafeCD.iso
  • precise-5.7.1.iso
  • Porteus-XFCE-v3.0rc2-i486.iso
  • antergos-2013.11.17-i686.iso
  • liberte-2012.3.iso (requires WinRAR or PowerISO)
  • manjaro-xfce-0.8.9-i686.iso
  • grml64-small_2014.03.iso
  • justbrowsing_20140409.iso

Let me know if you find one that doesn't boot in MBR or UEFI mode (if it supports EFI booting).

Full list of tested .imgPTN payloads here (scroll down to bottom of page).

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