Monday, 21 April 2014

E2B v1.34 and MPI Tool Pack 0.020 now available

E2B v1.34 has a small change to the menu when booting .imgPTN files. It now performs more checks to avoid corrupting the E2B drive and shows what EFI boot files are present in the image. It also now uses Sector LBA30 as the main backup sector (with LBA60 as the reserve sector). This is in case the drive has been formatted with 32 sectors per track. Potentially the directory entries of a FAT32 32-SPT drive could have been overwritten when a .imgPTN file was used in E2B v1.33. Please upgrade to E2B 1.34. There have also been a few cosmetic and text changes and a new \_ISO\WIN folder is now available (it is a Sub-Menu just like \_ISO\ANTIVIRUS and others). If you wish, you can place your Windows .imgPTN fies in the \_ISO\WIN folder and they will be listed in a 'Windows Menu' sub-menu.
To update, just overwrite any E2B USB drive with the non-DPMS version (even if your E2B is the DPMS version).

MPI Tool Pack v0.020 has quite a few changes and improvements.

  • Add size of users CUSTOM  folder to image size calculation
  • Add size of .\csm folder to size calculation
  • Bugfix  - if xcopy fails when copying CUSTOM files now fixed
  • Syslinux 6 added
  • Now updates chain.c32 if present
  • Patch for Ubuntu MBR boot menu added
  • unifont character set loaded for non-ASCII character support in menu.lst
  • menu.lst is in UDF-8 format
  • RestoreE2B and RestoreMBR batch files have been modified
  • menu.lst now checks LBA30 and LBA60 and LBA1
  • bugfix to make syslinux 5 and 6 work (needs to have linux type / in paths!)

Please remake and test all images with these new versions.

I think this version should work and is almost ready for full 'Release' status (famous last words!).

Please contact me if anything does NOT work as expected. The password to unzip the MPI Tool Pack is beta1 as usual.

P.S. To test UEFI booting, clonezilla-live-2.2.2-37-i686-pae.iso has both 32-bit (for non-64-bit UEFI systems) and 64-bit EFI boot files, as well as the normal MBR boot files - the .imgPTN file will boot in all 3 modes.

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