Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easy2Boot v1.36 and MPI Tool Pack v0.026 now available

E2B v1.36 has .imgPTNA file extension support now. This is the same as .imgPTN but will make the partition active. If you read my last blog about WinToGo, you will know that the first boot of a WinToGo installation requires the partition to be marked as active. By using .imgPTNA as the file extension instead of .imgPTN, it saves you the bother of having the extra step of making the partition active using the Windows Disk Management Tool.

E2B v1.36 also has a workaround for a bug in grub4dos to do with files that are exactly a multiple of 4GB (which I found when I made a file that was exactly 20GB in size!).

MPI Tool Pack 026 has a small change to the way I set the menu title - now you won't see 'PAYLOAD=' if you don't use the MPI Tool and just copy the .\csm\menu.lst file to your image (as done in the previous blog). I have also increased the default size for very large ISOs (MS Win Install ISOs seems to be larger when you extract them than the total size of the ISO file - probably due to duplicate files inside the ISO).

Also, I have removed the 'beta1' password from the MPI Tool Pack zip file now as I have had over 40 people who requested the password and no negative reports about anyone losing their E2B drive contents or any other disasters.

If you have tried the MPI Tool and .imgPTN file booting - PLEASE add a comment or just contact me directly to let me know what you have tested and how it went. I realise that the MPI cmd script is very 'wordy' when it runs and may be frightening to some. Is it too flexible? For 90% of cases would you just want it to auto-run and not ask any questions (maybe have two versions - one that just ran automatically with the defaults and another that prompted you for each option?). Did you need to change the defaults at all? Please let me know.


P.S. New french article on E2B at La vache libre

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