Wednesday, 16 April 2014

MakePartImage Update Pack v 0.011 available

I have been unable to find an extraction program that works for all ISOs that is free, unlimited and distributable. MPI v 0.011 uses 7Zip by default, but if that fails, it uses the user-installed version of either WinRAR or PowerIso if present).

Thanks for the suggestions for alternatives, I have checked 26 of them so far and none fit the bill. They are either not free or are limited Trialware, don't extract UDF ISOs correctly, cannot be legally distributed or don't accept command line parameters.

The other change is that there is now a CUSTOM folder. Any files you place in this folder will get copied to any .imgPTN file that you create. This allows you to customise each image.
For instance, you can modify the menu.lst file and create a new background for the CSM menu and place the new files in the CUSTOM folder. This will overwrite the files used by MPI.
You could also add any utilities, etc. to the CUSTOM folder (or make a subfolder) so that every image would contain your utilities.

This means I can release new updates which can overwrite your existing folder, but it won't overwrite your files in the CUSTOM folder.

P.S. The only one which did seem to extract ISOs correctly was: ISO Workshop (free but no command line support yet for extraction). Notably, Windows 8.1 Explorer, 7Zip and WinRAR all fail to show the correct contents with some ISO file formats!
A good test is to try extracting the antergos-2013.11.17-i686.iso file. It should work and not be in all uppercase (one of the files in \arch\boot is in mixed case).  PowerISO (trial), WinZip(trial) WinISO(trial) and UltraISO(trial) failed with this one. PeaZip and 7Zip shows lowercase files but these fail on UDF ISOs. ISO Workshop also shows lowercase files and mixed-case files.

P.S. Do you sometimes use YUMI, XBoot,  LiveUSBCreator, PenDriveLinux, SARDU, Rufus, WinSetupFromUSB, etc. Well why not add all of your USB drives to one large E2B drive! Just make an .imgPTN file from each USB stick and then add the files to E2B. Just make sure to use the E2B CSM menu.lst file (or choose the Combine option if prompted).

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