Thursday 3 November 2022

agFM v1.98 released

I have updated the default theme used by the \boot\grubfm\startup_default.cfg file in the agFM download so that it now uses the sample_slack theme. This means that if you are using the default file, you will now see a slightly different agFM startup menu with more items on the menu and with the boot mode displayed at the top of the menu (Legacy\BIOS, EFI32 or EFI64):

agFM default theme with menu heading text + boot mode

To update to the newest version, run:
"\e2b\Update agFM\Download and update agFM_v2.cmd" on Partition 2.

Changing the menu

If you don't like this menu, you can always add your own theme or use the original default menu.

To do this you need to make a file called startup_menu.txt in the \boot\grubfm folder on Partition 2 and place your own menu entries in it. Some SAMPLE_xxx.txt files are already included in the same folder, or you can just copy the default menu text from startup_default.cfg into your startup_menu.txt file and change or remove the theme lines:

To use the default theme, delete or comment out using # these four lines.

Do not modify the sample_slack files because they will be overwritten when you next update agFM. Instead, copy the whole theme folder and rename it.

More information can be found on themes in my eBook #4: UEFI-multiboot using the a1ive grub2 File Manager (agFM).

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