Sunday 20 November 2022

Black Friday website host deals

Approx. 60% of all websites use Wordpress. So I highly recommend the power and flexability of Wordpres versus any other content management system. By using WordPress you will not be locked in to a particular 3rd-party system where you need to pay for a 'premium' feature and you will also know that if you do have a problem with WordPress or Wordpress plugins, then many other people will also have had the same issue and will be able to help you (or any bug will be fixed very rapidly as it will affect many thousands of sites).

If you have read my eBook 'How to make $1000 a month from the Internet' you will see that I highly recommend (and use) Hostinger (#Ad link) as a WordPress web site host. At the moment they have a special Black Friday deal and offer up to 80% off  a 4-year hosting plan + 1 free domain & 1 free SSL for their 'Premium' web hosting plan. This works out at $2.49/month and it will allow you to create up to 100 websites.

There is a cheaper, single-site plan at $1.99/month but I highly recommend the Premium $2.99 a month plan because you can set up several web sites and test sites (up to 100) for no extra cost (except perhaps approx $10 for a registered domain if you need one). You can see all three plans here (#Ad link).

Although Hostinger are one of the best value hosting companies, another very important factor for me is the excellent support and service I have had from them over the years. They have always responded to my requests for help very quickly, either immediately via online chat or within a few hours and have been most helpful in solving any issues that I may have caused!

Some other Black Friday web host deals can be found here.

IMPORTANT: A website host is for life (hopefully) not just for Christmas, so don't just look at the special introductory rates - when comparing prices, look at their renewal monthly price because this is what you will be paying when you renew your plan. Hostinger clearly show the 'renew' price which you can then compare with other host providers. e.g. Both SiteGround and Hostinger offer a special deal £1.99/$1.99 for a single-site plan, but renewal costs are £11.99 excl VAT for SiteGround versus $3.99 (dollars not pounds!) for Hostinger. Also look at the storage limits - as your site grows, you will be forced to upgrade to a higher, more expensive plan if you exceed the allowed storage limit. Hostinger allow 100GB for their Premium plan whereas SiteGround allow only 20GB thus forcing you to upgrade if you exceed that limit.

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