Thursday 17 November 2022

VentoyPlugson 1.0.82 for E2B now available

Ventoy v1.0.82 is released today.

You can add this latest version to your E2B/agFM USB drive as an image file if you want to run the
latest version of Ventoy - see here for details.

If you wish to configure the \ventoy\ventoy.json file you can use official \ventoy\VentoyPlugson.exe, however you will need to first switch in the new v1.0.82 Ventoy Partition 2 image file because the official version of VentoyPlugson.exe checks for 'official' USB drive partitions and MBR boot code.

If you want to run Plugson.exe without needing to switch in the official Ventoy partition image, you can download a modified v1.0.82 version of VentoyPlugson.exe which runs on an E2B USB drive by downloading the zip file in the 'Latest Beta' file store area and extracting it to the \ventoy folder on the E2B Partition 1 volume.

Note: The current 'Ventoy for E2B' version  which is modified to work directly from an E2B USB drive is v1.0.79.

Ventoy 1.0.82 Changes (VentoyPlugson relevant lines show in red)
  1. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add exFAT/NTFS/FAT32 options in Option-->Partition Configuration for Ventoy installation.
  2. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Display Ventoy partition file system in selected disk
  3. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Fix the issue that string "Status x%" is missing for translations (#1667)
  4. Update Shim/Mokmanager efi file from Fedora 37.
  5. Add VTOY_SHOW_PASSWORD_ASTERISK option in global control plugon. (#1931)
  6. VentoyPlugson: Fix the issue that secondary boot menu option mismatch between web page and json file.
  7. Fix the issue that Linux WEB/GUI version does not restore MBR when updating. (#1935)
  8. Change Ventoy LiveCD GUI default language to English (#1938)
  9. Fix the issue that help line disappears when auto-going to a Fn submenu. (#1939)
  10. Fix an issue that CGI backup tool can not open after boot WePE.
  11. Optimization for Windows unattended install process.
  12. Fix the disk display error when pCloud virtual disk is installed in Windows OS.
  13. languages.json update

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