Friday 11 March 2016

MPI Tool Kit v0.064 available (with important bugfix)

I found a bug in MPI Tool Kit - if you try Clover booting then it 'breaks' the syslinux boot option and you can no longer MBR boot!

This means if you converted a linux payload to a .imgPTN file and it used syslinux, then if you tried the Clover boot option, it would corrupt the syslinux boot code and so you could no longer MBR boot from it!

Please use new MPI Tool Kit v0.064 or later!

I am afraid you will have to re-make each .imgPTN file (but only if they boot using syslinux and have UEFI boot files as well).

You can tell if they use syslinux or not because there will be one or two 'syslinux' boot options in the CSM menu. If there is no Clover option or no syslinux option, then you don't need to remake the .imgPTN file.

If you see a Clover option and + a syslinux option, please re-make the .imgPTN file using MPI Tool Kit v.0.084

P.S. The way I update, is to extract the new MPI Tool Kit folder to my Desktop and then run the CreateDesktopShortcuts.cmd file. This replaces the current MPI shortcuts with shortcuts that point to the new MPI folder. If you have a pre-0.056 version, then you will also need to re-install a new version of the included ImDisk app. (for Win10 TH2 systems). If your old MPI folder had files in the CUSTOM folder, you can move these to the new MPI folder (if you have a modified menu.lst file in the CUSTOM folder, you will need to update it using the new .\csm\menu.lst, otherwise you won't get the bugfix changes).

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