Tuesday 1 March 2016

E2B v1.78i Beta available

This version has the latest \grldr grub4dos 0.4.6a file (not the final version yet but seems to be fully working).
The splashimage --animated command now supports up to 999 animation frames.
The frame file names can be in  xxxxxx01.bmp format or xxxxx001.bmp format.
You can download the new DNA_Animation.zip file and add it to E2B v1.78i. It will now display all 120 frames of the rotating DNA model in a smooth continuous loop.
I have also added a 'ls' menu entry to the Utilities Menu in v1.78i.

This allows you to list the files and folders in various E2B folders easily. You can specify any folder by just typing in the path of the folder, or enter a number. This may be useful for checking that a file actually exists and that the file extension is correct.

Type a number or the folder path

The files and folders under that path will be displayed

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