Wednesday 23 March 2016

E2B v1.79a Beta already!

Yes, yet another version even before 1.78 is officially released!

This version has an even newer grub4dos (which supports being able to use echo -e \X00FC to print unicode characters, but this is not actually used by E2B anyway), and also support for a new NOWINXP variable.

The NOWINXP variable removes the extra menu entries from the Windows Install menu.

    set NOWINXP=1 removes these three menu items.

This means, if you have no XP ISOs present and you set NOWINXP, you will see a 'cleaner' menu:

    NOWINXP - Menu without XP install, Boot as HDD, PCI List and 32/64-bit menu separator.

The whole Windows Install menu system is rather complicated and is not easily modifiable by the user, so you will need to set various parameters in the MyE2B.cfg file if you want to modify it.

I have added a new document page about modifiying the Windows Install menu here.

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