Monday 7 March 2016

How to boot Clonezilla (and other stuff) from your E2B USB drive even if it does not have Clonezilla on it!

iPXE is an internet boot protocol. It allows you to download into memory and then run various payloads (ISOs) from the internet. This means you can boot stuff without it even needing to be on your USB boot drive.

You can add the iPXE boot ISOs to E2B and when you boot, they will connect to the internet (you need a network connection on that computer) and then download a menu.

To get started, just add the file to your \_ISO\MAINMENU folder and run it.
The current list of supported downloads is here.

iPXE loads and tries to find a network...

The server has been found and the menu loaded

The Utilities menu (some items have bugs but may be fixed later)

If you pick from the Installers menu, you can boot to and install different OSs.

The files must be downloaded from their server on the internet each time, so you need to be patient!

You can also try the ISO too or netbootcd or try mini.iso which installs Ubuntu.

If you want to learn more, see Tutorial 69. If you only have  a WiFi connection, you can use that too if you follow the tutorial.

E2B v1.78  (Beta m+) will also support the .KRN and .LKRN file extensions, so you don't need the whole ISO file, just the kernel file.

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