Tuesday 22 March 2016

Easy2Boot v1.78 - List of all changes

E2B Version 1.78

Note: 1.78A uses grub4dos 0.4.6a 20160324 - which has a small bugfix (when using the tophelp E2B variable). Also the $$$Guestxxx.mnu files have been tweaked (F8 reload does not prompt for password).

Note2: There is still a bug in 20160324, so I have withdrawn v1.78A! 1.78C has best version of grub4dos.

Changes from v1.77A include:
  1. Menu highlight bar is now full width of menu (like 0.4.5c) if menu highlight background colour is configured in MyE2B.cfg. If you want only the menu text to be highlighted and not have a bar across whole screen, see Sample_My2E2B.cfg file for instructions (use setmenu --highlight-short). 
  2. Bugfix in QRUN.g4b for SHIFT key not running ISOBOOT. 
  3. isoboot.g4b updated. 
  4. .isopup file extension bugfix (prevents hang) + add Save parameter so can boot from puppy/slacko ISO with save enabled. 
  5. Fix problem with using $$$$CONFIG .mnu files + FASTLOAD not working. 
New Features:
  1. Sample menu files for Guest Menu added
  2. Russian language files added. 
  3. Up to 10 STAMPs and one ANIMATE supported + demo Sample mnu file. 
  4. Large font support added (FONTH=24). If you just specify FONTH=24, then E2B will load the Simplified Chinese sft.f24 font and the developerbold.f24 font by default. User can specify any additional 24-pixel high font using the FONT variable.
  5. QRUN.g4b adds .isoHW file extension for DLC/Hirens ISOs which boot to Mini7/8. 
  6. ls - ListDir menu added to UTILITIES menu. 
  7. Start-up debug pause feature added - if user presses SPACEBAR during early startup, screen will pause - press SPACEBAR twice to pause at next point or any key to continue. 
  8. Protect.cmd added to \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities folder to protect the MyE2B.cfg file from other users - also  Protect_E2B_Files.cmd. see http://www.easy2boot.com/configuring-e2b/protection-and-security/.
  9. Add .KRN and .LKRN file extensions (e.g. for iPXE kernel files). 
  10. MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd script now adds the E2B icon animation and the BoilerPlate stamp if you say 'Yes' to the Animation prompt.
  11. Date format of HEADING in Sample_MyE2B.cfg (new %year%, %month% and %day% variables can be used).
  12. 'AUTO' suffix can be used on any of the .imgPTN 'family' now. The suffixes 'pwd' '32' or '64' and 'AUTO' can be combined. Suffixes must be in the order <AUTO><pwd><32/64>. Note: .vhd files cannot be used with suffixes (must keep as .vhd). e.g. Dium.imgPTNlbaa23AUTOpwd64, Clonezilla.isopwd32, WinInst10.imgPTN64
  13. Plain background colour instead of bitmap wallpaper using set MYWBMP=0xrrggbb syntax in MyE2B.cfg file, see  \_ISO\Templates\Quick800 template.
  14. If set NOSUG=1 is defined in MyE2B.cfg, the QRUN.g4b file extension suggestion feature, warnings by QRUN.g4b and the pause when running ISOBOOT are suppressed (no need to use .isodefault or redir - works for all extensions not just .iso).
  1. Latest grub4dos 0.4.6a - supports new font and animation features 
  2. PassPass files added to \_ISO\docs folder - bypasses XP-Win8.1 local account passwords.
  3. \_ISO\docs\Templates\Animate and Large_Fonts templates added. 
  4. Lubuntu 15 + persistence, kali, eset, Tails,Zorin Sample .mnu files added. 
  5. .isoxx64xx extensions deprecated. 
  6. Debug versions of Make_E2B_USB_Drive and Update_E2B_Drive scripts added (outputs results to a log file). 
  7. Large 24-pixel high fonts (.f24) in \_ISO\docs\Fonts folder.
  8. A new Change_Fonts24.mnu sample menu file has been added so you can test the .f24 fonts.
  9. New E2B_Editor v1.0.8 - minor change to auto-select a language when scroll control is used to change language.
  10. TXT_Maker.exe updated
  11. Various small bugfixes
  12. MPI Tool Kit v0.064 released
  13. \_ISO\Sample_MyE2B.cfg file updated
  14. \_ISO\docs\Themes and Templates files changed to use wallpaper from Themes folder + tidied up text.
  15. MYWBMPGZ variable deprecated (still works but now removed from docs and website) - use MYWBMP.
  16. Small changes to LANG language files.
  17. Minor changes to QRUN.g4b to suggest better extension for slacko, hbcd, DLC, etc. + fix some warning messages not being displayed
  18. getline.g4b batch file added (will get a line of user input and allow animation to play at same time).
  19. SearchBS.g4b updated (searches for BIOS strings)
  20. ImDisk ia64 itanium drivers deleted to save space
  21. MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd now checks easy2boot.com website using wget.exe and displays latest release version number and the E2B version number that you are installing.

Large Font support

24-pixel high fonts require you to adjust the menu dimensions:
800x600   = 33 columns by 25 rows
1024x768 = 42 columns by 32 rows

The E2B_Editor does not support large fonts, stamps or animations. If you use these settings in your MyE2B.cfg file, make sure they are below the --- ADVANCED MENU SETTINGS line so that the E2B_Editor will preserve them.

Note: E2B uses grub4dos 0.4.6a by default. Grub4dos 0.4.5c does not support large fonts or animation + some other features.

DNA_Animation and Fractal demo downloads available from Alternate Downloads Area - Other Files folder.

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