Thursday 31 March 2016

E2B v1.79 available (and now officially released)

v1.79 is now released.

Changes from v1.78C are:
  • New NOWINXP parameter to suppress some menu items in the Windows Install menu.
  • Small bugfix in AUTOMN.g4b (sometimes listed files with no extension)
  • Improved Protect.cmd to show more file info. 
  • Bug fixes for bad error handling in QRUN.g4b (did not abort if error). 
  • E2B_Editor.exe v1.0.85 (NOSUG and NOWINXP options added). 
  • Improve robocopy detection for XP systems in UPDATE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd.
Note: Small bug in v1.79 - if you use FASTLOAD and Win Install ISOs, use v1.80!

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