Saturday 26 March 2016

Easy2Boot v1.78C available

E2B version 1.78C has today's version of grub4dos (20160326) which fixes the bug a user found if you set 'tophelp' to a high number so that the menu help text is not displayed.

v1.79d also has the new grub4dos 20160326 version.

Despite not being officially released, I see some download sites have copied the buggy v1.78!

Differences between v1.78C and v1.79d:

  • 1.79d has different AUTOMN.g4b (supports LEVEL1 parameter + bugfix for files with no extension)
  • 1.79d has new USB_driver_if_Plop.mnu (sample menu file - displays USB driver menu entry if Plop detected).
  • 1.79d has improved Protect.cmd script
  • 1.79d Sample_MyE2B.cfg tweaked for languages and NOWINXP variable (comment lines added)
  • 1.79d MenuWinInstall.lst supports NOWINXP variable to remove some Windows Install menu entries if XP Installs are not required.
  • 1.79d has small changes to ENG\STRINGS.txt (some menu items for Windows Install were in capitals and did not match the other items).
1.79e has improved error handling in QRUN.g4b (v1.77 and v1.78 did not return back to the main menu if there was a critical problem). 

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