List of E2B Tutorials

Add Help files to agFM
Using the 2nd partition for payloads (inc. Windows ISOs)
Add jokes to the E2B menu
DeComputo Theme
Display grub4dos colours
Silence grub4dos text messages on boot
Reduce CPU load during E2B Menu display
32-bit and 64-bit Windows Install ISOs in E2B
Add 'TeaTime' animated GIF optical illusion example
Add an animated Flag of your country to the E2B menu background
How to overlay F1 Help text onto the wallpaper background
Shakespeare E2B theme
Detect keyboard status and hide menu entries (e.g. use CAPS LOCK status)
Add a PowerPoint slideshow to E2B menu
Add an animated GIF to E2B
Check a files CRC32 checksum before running it
Alternate German menu for left-aligned hotkey tags
Increase the spacing between menu entries
Make a 'Guest Mode' menu (to protect Main menu)
Protect E2B with password whilst showing an animation
Large Font and Animation Demo
Automatically select a different E2B wallpaper
GFXBoot menus and E2B
Easy2Boot menu editor
Set sub-menu default menu entry and timeouts
Centre menu headings automatically
Configure E2B to have just one menu (no sub-menus)
Make SubMenus easily using Make SubMenu.cmd
Add new 'Nested' SubMenus
True Hide partitions from Windows/linux
Monthly PIN code for E2B
Calculate CRC32 for an ISO in E2B
Password protect specific Windows Install ISOs
Password protect individual ISOs and payload files with a different password
Add a master password screen to E2B
MobaLiveCD.exe for use with E2B
Easy2Boot Introduction videos (Make + Demo)
Hide\UnHide the E2B partition from Windows
32-bit UEFI Booting

E2B and AntiVirus

Run HitMan Pro from E2B also here for a useful batch file

E2B and Windows

Add Medicat 2020 to your Zalman\IODD disk
Change any WinPE Desktop (wallpaper, shortcuts, drivers, startup-programs, Portable-Apps)
Secure UEFI64 Boot to Kon-Boot
UEFI-32 boot to Strelec WinPE
Use Serial Number as Computer name
Set Serial Number as Computer name after installation
Prompt user for ComputerName and UserName before starting Win10 install
Install POS 2009
Add UtilMan password hack to any WinPE ISO
i-life notebook OS re-installation
BitLocker-encrypted WindowsToGo
Hack into Windows (automated using UtilMan.exe)
Install Windows 7 from a USB 3.0 port
Use Chandra's Split_WinISO utility to convert >4GB Install.wim ISOs and here
Install Windows using WinNTSetup
UEFI-booting and large >4GB Install.wim or .esd files
Fix XP '0x000000A5 not ACPI compliant' BSODs
Make a WinPE ISO using AOMEI WinPE Builder
Boot Gandalf WinPE x64 ISO and WinBuilder ISOs
Modify any WinPE easily using PEStartup
Boot to a Windows system's Recovery partition from E2B
Boot directly from a Recovery winre.wim file on any system and here
Make WinPE Recovery ISOs using LazeSoft Recovery Suite
Install Windows (UEFI) from an MBR boot using WinNTSetup
Bugfix for WinNTSetup 3.9.1
Adding large >4GB NTFS UEFI boot files (e.g. large install.wim files)
Gandalf WinPE 10 and 2016-10 ISOs
Gandalf PE, XP gold 2016 and Dream Boot CD 2015
Create Win7/8 ToGo .VHD and .imgPTN files using WinToUSB
Add WinPE-Yol and Dium_2.0 WinBuilder ISOs
Password protect specific Windows Install ISOs
Easy way to create WindowsToGo VHD files on an E2B drive
How to test automated unattend.xml Windows 7/8 files under VBox
How to prepare a fully automated unattend.xml file for Windows 7/8
Add grub4dos-based multiboot ISOs to E2B (e.g. ISOs containing multiple ISOs)
Windows 8.1 ToGo on a Removable Flash drive using a VHD
Bypass the Windows User Password with PassPass
Install non-standard XP Install ISOs
Delete System Volume Information folder from USB drives (and other 'difficult' files)

E2B and linux/android

Superinsecure grub2 - boot insecure payloads even if Secure Boot is enabled
Restore E2B partition from linux after switching to .imgPTN image
NetRunner with persistence
Boot Manjaro Live with UEFI-64
DBAN with UEFI booting
Endless OS
Avaya Appliance Virtualization Platform + .cfg file
Add BlackArch LiveCD (MBR+UEFI) to E2BAspireOS/AROS
Peristence for ubuntu-based ISOs without needing a .mnu file
JondoFox Live USB
Fedora on NTFS E2B drive with persistence (MBR+UEFI)
Paragon Rescue Kit 14 .imgPTN
Boot Acronis True Image and Acronis Backup 11.7.50064 from .imgPTN file with licence
Find PC Model or PCI ID and add a blacklist parameter
Installing linux using E2B
Raspberry Pi PIXEL with persistence
SystemRescueCD UEFI+persistence
Add a full installation of Solus to E2B
LibreELEC Live and Krypton
salix + persistence
EasyRE (Windows 10) ISO
ChromiumOS Cub Linux + Persistence
Parrot + Persistence
Parted magic + Save for E2B
Pentoo ISO + persistence with E2B
Gentoo ISO + persistence with E2B
Slackware + persistence with E2B
Phoenix OS + persistence with E2B
OpenBSD with E2B
Mepis antiX MX-15 + persistence
Install OpenSuse from installxx.iso
Add UEFI 32-bit grub2 boot files (make Ubuntu 32-bit UEFI-bootable)
Boot Ubuntu via UEFI+Persistence with E2B
Make an E2B USB drive using linux
Install debian from DVD1 ISO
Debian Live ISO + persistence
Install debian from a CD ISO
android x86 (UEFI & MBR) +  >4GB persistence on NTFS
android x86 + persistence
archbang + persistence
Add full Arch Linux installation to E2B
PepperMint 6 + persistence Peppermint 8
Full install of Zorin 11
Adding Tails to E2B
Boot openSUSE ISOs
Q4OS with persistence on E2B
Add Alt-Linux ISOs
Persistent .mnu file for Elementary OS
Add a linux whole disk image
Boot multiple, fully-installed linux OSs from E2B
AntiX 15 with Root and Home persistence
Linux Mint LMDE 2 "Betsy" with persistence
Install ProxMox from E2B
Kali+Persistence (UEFI+MBR)
Full install of Kali 2.0 to a .imgPTN file with swap file
Add Kali linux + LUKS encryption to E2B
Install Kali linux from E2B
JustBrowsing with persistent config file
Parted Magic ISO with LIVE session
Easy2Boot v1.61Beta3 available (adds direct boot from non-contiguous linux ISOs)
Puppy with persistence
How to install Puppy to an HDD
Add FatDog (Puppy linux) to E2B (with UEFI-booting)
How to make your own linux .mnu file
Add AntiX 13/14+Persistence to E2B
Voyager (Xubuntu) from ISO with persistence
Boot Voyager\Xubuntu via UEFI+Persistence with E2B
Run OpenElec XBMC 2014 Live from E2B
Add RedHat to E2B
XiaOpan + persistence

E2B (miscellaneous) 

COMSS 2020-06 multiboot ISO now available (Ru/Eng)
Boot Asus T100 32-bit UEFI systems
Add COMSS (Russian\English Hirens-type ISO) to E2B
Install Windows from ISO using a Hidden E2B partition
Add Dell EFI diagnostics to E2B
Make a useful E2B Launcher Windows utility
MemTest86 v7.4
Lenovo Diagnostics and BIOS updates
HP 3-in-1 PC Hardware Diagnostics
Clear Linux (UEFI-only)
Grub2 menu system Beta6
BSOD when running WinContig
Make a .VHD file from a WindowsToGo.imgPTN file
Tips to make files contiguous
Use Tron to clean a Windows system
Rescue Tool Kit RTK-3
Lakka game console emulator
Don't buy this 'fast' USB 3.0 drive!
Boot to USB via CD using Plop!
Using E2B with a Zalman or IODD 2531
Adding DOS programs to E2B
Run DOS .exe files from an NTFS E2B drive
All in One System Rescue (Paul Vreeland) with E2B
Add TechUSB (TechRepair) and tuxpe (WinPE-based) to E2B
Lenovo Maintenance Utilities (DR-DOS based)
Dr.Web with persistence (grub2)
Petya whole-disk encryption fix
30 things I bet you didn't know about Easy2Boot (but were too afraid to ask)!
Use E2B with the PIN-protected Netac U618 USB 2.0 flash drive
Use E2B from a datAshur Pro encrypted (PIN) USB drive
Use E2B from a datAShur Personal encrypted (PIN) USB drive
Changing language strings
iPXE booting from E2B
Make a UEFI-bootable .imgPTN file from a Toshiba BIOS update ISO file
Remove Panda Vaccine protection on \AUTORUN.INF file
How to make a 'difficult' large file contiguous
Why is it so difficult to boot from ISO files
Decrypt an encrypted Ransomware drive
Win-UFO Forensic files
Inateck FE2007 drive caddy
Convenient way to run DOS utilities from E2B
Add FreeDOS USB Disk Image .img files to E2B
Add a DOS-based BIOS update program to E2B
Using Easy2Boot on UEFI-only systems
Add 'Boot Repair Disk' ISOs
Select and boot UEFI-payloads using a UEFI-only system
Google Drive can give false Infected warnings if you use .7z files
Take a 'bare-metal' backup of all your system hard disks using E2B+Clonezilla
Use MAKE_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd to make all files contiguous without RMPrepUSB
Boot from bootable .dmg Hackintosh files or partition images
Install Hackintosh High Sierra  from E2B
Add UEFI boot files to your E2B drive using rEFInd
Boot DOS .ima and .iso files but remove the USB drive
Add floppy disk images to E2B
Add multiple HIRENs ISOs to E2B
Add older Hirens ISOs to E2B - e.g. v8.1
DOS-based  ISOs (e.g. Ghost) 
Combine SARDU and E2B
.ISODOS file extension for booting DOS ISO files
GeekSquad MRI Recovery ISO

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