Wednesday 5 December 2018

Endless OS - an easy-to-use Linux-based OS for schools, businesses and everyone!

I just came across Endless OS. It seems to be very easy to use and install apps onto - you would hardly know it was Linux-based!

I downloaded the Basic ISO (eos-eos3.5-amd64-amd64.181116-185419.base.iso 1.8GB) and it boots fine on E2B as a LiveCD.

Booting from a .ISO file + persistence does not seem to be available, so when booting from the ISO as a LiveCD you will not be able to install any large apps, etc. so you may want the 'full' version, however even the Basic version seems quite useful.

Note that you cannot install from it either, you must make a bootable USB drive by downloading their Installer program - boot from the USB drive and then click on the Reformat icon to install to your internal hard disk. It should then find the large \endless\endless.img file on the USB drive (6.7GB or 16GB depending on which one you downloaded) and use that as the source file for installation onto an internal hard disk.

The GPT-partitioned USB drive that is made by their utility is MBR and UEFI-64 bootable (but not UEFI-32 bootable). It also is not persistent.

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