Thursday 27 December 2018

Add Manjaro Live UEFI-64 to E2B

If you convert a Manjaro ISO using MPI_FAT32 (MakePartImage) the resulting .imgPTN will not MBR or UEFI boot.

The grub2 EFI boot file included with Manjaro, only seems to support the CD iso9660 file system and does not understand FAT32 filesystems.

If you use Rufus, you must use the 'dd' raw copy option and not the UEFI FAT32 or GPT options.

To fix this, find a Ubuntu or Mint x64 Live CD ISO file, and...

1. Switch the Manjaro.imgPTN file on the E2B USB drive so that the \EFI\BOOT folder is visible in Explorer.

2. Use 7Zip or some other program to extract the two EFI\BOOT\*.EFI files from the Ubuntu ISO.

3. Copy the two files into the \EFI\BOOT folder on the E2B drive.

4. For CSM Legacy booting, add these 4 lines to the end of the \menu.lst file (see \boot\grub\tz and the \boot\grub\locales\keyboards file for your country codes - e.g. en_US New_York us).

title Manjaro x64\n Manjaro Live

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-x86_64 misobasedir=manjaro misolabel=EASY2BOOT systemd.show_status=1 lang=en_GB tz=London keytable=gb

initrd /boot/amd_ucode.img /boot/intel_ucode.img /boot/initramfs-x86_64.img



  1. uefi works with the ubuntu efi files, worth mentioning was overwritting the one already present.
    CSM boot does not work, those 4 lines also look bit out of place.
    Are we talking about menu.lst directly in the root of the usb when manjaro image is switched on?

    1. re. CSM - yes - switch in the .imgPTN fie and add the lines to the end of the \menu.lst file.
      If any problems, compare the \boot\grub\grub.cfg and other .cfg files to see what kernel parameters have been used because different versions may have different kernel parameters.

  2. alright, it seems to work, though it does skip the opening screen of manjaro live media
    but those 4 lines go not at the end of the menu.lst
    I put them above the line # --- GENERIC BOOT MENU --- and bellow what look like other entries except they start with iftitle instead of title