Sunday 21 January 2018

E2B v1.98a BETA available (with new .isopersist file extension for ubuntu-based ISOs)

v1.98a Beta changes are:
  • patchme script now removes the grub4dos startup message 'If hangup, use 'geometry --lba1sector (128)'
  • Variables SIZE_E2B and SIZE_HD1 can now be used in MyE2B.cfg files in HEADING and FOOTER (size of drive in GB)
  • 'GodMode' folder added to \_ISO\docs\Download URLs for easy access to Windows GodMode list
  • DrWeb900_Persistent.mnu added
  • .isopersist ubuntu file extension supported (no .mnu file required for persistence)

.isopersist file exension details

Currently, to enable persistence with a linux livecd, you need to find a suitable sample .mnu file from the \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files folder. Then you will need to copy and edit the .mnu file in several places.

Another issue is that the sample .mnu files usually only contain only one menu entry, whereas the original menu may contain other menu entries for safe mode and other options.

Also, the 'cheat code' parameters may be changed in later versions, which means that a newer sample .mnu file is needed.

The new .isopersist file extension in E2B v1.98 should avoid these issues, but it can only be used with ubuntu-based ISOs which understand the 'persistent' parameter and recognise the casper-rw volume name as the persistent volume.

Suitable ISOs which I have tested successfully include ubuntu, linuxmint, StartOS, peppermint, cublinux, elementaryos, linuxlite, lubuntu, DrWeb and zorin.

All that you need to do is create the -rw persistence file using RMPrepUSB and rename the .iso file extension to .isopersist. No .mnu file is needed. e.g.
  • \ubuntu-17.04-desktop-amd64-rw  (same name as ,isopersist but with -rw suffix)
  • \_ISO\LINUX\ubuntu-17.04-desktop-amd64.isopersist
The persistence file can be moved to the same folder as the .isopersist file if you wish.

It is important to realise that the .isopersist file will be permanently modified by E2B. as it replaces the 'quiet splash' key words in the menu file inside the ISO, with the cheat code 'persistent'.

For more details, see the E2B web page here.

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