Sunday, 29 October 2017

Very useful additions to your E2B USB drive - Carifred Ultra Virus Killer and Tech Tool Store

If you have a sufficient knowledge of Windows to be able to repair a damaged or infected Windows system, you will know that it is not that easy.

For instance, although you may be able to boot to the infected Windows system, it may not allow you to run any .exe executable or use any browser.

So i just wanted to make you aware of Carifred's software for technicians. Not only do they offer free versions with very few limitations, but it also seems to provide the exact tools that an experienced Windows repair technician needs. The full licences are also very reasonably priced too.

This blog post is just a 'heads-up' to draw your attention to this software if you haven't come across it before.

Ultra Virus Killer

So to start with, I was impressed that Carifred's Ultra Virus Killer can be downloaded as a portable .com file and contains it's own lightweight browser  (2Browse).

This software allows you to quickly:

  • Kill non-system processes
  • Backup the current registry
  • Backup Desktop icon layout
  • Reboot in safe mode (or disable auto-runs and reboot)
  • Run Av scans using Ultra Adware Killer, MalwareBytes, Super AntiSpyware, RogueKiller, Kaspersky TDSSKiller, Avast aswMBR, AdwCleaner, Avast Browser Cleanup
  • Uninstall software
  • ... and much more

and there are lots more repair options too...

Many repair tweaks available.

Using UVK

Just download the file and copy it to a folder on your E2B (or any) USB drive.

Tech Tool Store

The Tech Tool Store is a kind of Portable Apps launcher, but it goes way beyond this!

When you first run the .exe download (which you need to copy to a convenient folder on your USB drive), TTS will create a 'Tech tool store tools' folder in the same folder as TechToolStore.exe. The downloaded utilities are stored here.

Once running, you then have access to a very large (500+) range of tools which can be automatically downloaded and updated.

You can select one or more of the tools and they will run one-after-the-other automatically.

Some of the tools require a working internet connection to download the latest virus definitions.

TTS in action

You can create your own 'favorites' list and hide tools that you will not use.

You can also add any of your favourite utilities that are not already included.

You can use right-click on most items to hide/configure/run them.

Many of the tools provided by this app are impressive and shows a lot of work and thought has gone into them. For example, the auto-runs and process explorer functions have been specifically written for use by repair techs.


Although I have not yet had an occasion to use these tools to disinfect/repair a real system, they appear to be extremely well thought out and very useful.

Carifred also makes available other useful tech utilities too...

The File Extension Fixer is one that seems particularly useful to me, as I often seem to accidentally change the file association for .cmd files to use Notepad.exe instead of cmd.exe and Windows does not seem to allow you to reset it!

Since these are portable apps, you could also add them to any WinPE desktop using the PEStartup feature that I described here (but the 'system' scan utilities will need to be run 'online' under the 'target' OS, and not 'offline' under WinPE).

Here are some videos by Britec...

MalwareBytes Techbench

If you are a repair tech, you may also like to checkout the MalwareBytes Techbench product which is only available to businesses. There is a free version (without the techbench toolset) and it also allows you to sell MalwareBytes to your customers. The apps are intended as 'online' tools from the host system and they can be run from a USB drive.

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