Sunday 22 October 2017

SSL for Easy2boot and RMPrepUSB sites + how to increase your website earnings with Ezoic!

Because both sites go through Ezoic, it was super-easy to enable SSL for both sites.

I simply installed the SSL app (just one click on the Ezoic site) for each of my sites and waited a while.

This should help the Google search ranking for these sites too and give people a 'warmer' feeling when accessing the sites.

This blogger site also has SSL too (you are probably viewing it now using the https URL).

About Ezoic

If you own a website, Ezoic can help you improve traffic, user experience and website earnings.

It is free to try and they will help you set it up (not difficult!), so you have nothing to lose.

My two sites use the Layout Tester which delivers many different layout templates to many different visitors (which is why, if you use a different system or browser or clear your cookies, you will see my sites suddenly appear with a different layout!).

The performance of each different layout is monitored by Ezoic and only the 'best' ones are used. You can decide what 'best' means for you - e.g. best user experience, best earnings or a balance between the two.

It has different layouts for Tablet and Mobile too, and so will deliver the 'best' layout for those devices too.

Some people complain that looks 'awful'. This is usually because Ezoic has chosen a 'less than perfect' experimental layout for that particular user and browser (the layout setting is stored in a Cookie and so is 'sticky' until the Cookie is deleted). This is an unfortunate side effect of the Layout Tester. It is one reason why I send anyone who has donated £5 or more, two links to the 'original' sites so they see  a lot less ads and the original layout. For instance, if you go to the Easy2Boot Forum page here, you can see the 'original' site layout.

You have control over what template are delivered and can block any of them (or even 99% of them if you wish).

If you have Chrome as your browser, try viewing using the Incognito browser option and you will usually see a completely different layout!

If you don't want your basic layout changed, you can experiment with different ad positions on your site pages using the Ad Tester and see what gives the best results.

Because Ezoic is an Adsense partner, it can place more Adsense ads on each page than you are allowed to do which also increases the ad revenue.

It also will cache your site for you using Cloudfare (just install the Cloudflare app in the Ezoic Dashboard) and set up SSL (https) for your site with just a click!

Does Ezoic really increase website earnings?

Ezoic will still occasionally deliver your original site layout and content to some users so that it can monitor the statistics for your original configuration and compare the performance against it's own configurations.

As well as increasing the number of page hits via Search Engine optimisation, faster loading in different countries and some other benefits, we can look at the 'Earnings per thousand visits' figure of my 'original' site format versus the Ezoic layouts:

website                               original EPMV    Ezoic EPMV          $2.13                     $6.4-$7.3 depending of layout delivered         $0.38*                    $8 approx.

*Note that the original rmprepusb site contains very few adverts (because it is a 'Google Sites' site and they changed their policy a year later and stopped allowing Adsense ads to be added!), hence the very low EPMV for the original site.


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