Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Updated PEStartup download

I have added a new PEStartup download to the RMPrepUSB tutorial #143.

Gandalf PE ISO with PEStartup_Papps files added to E2B USB drive (you can change the default wallpaper).
WinBuilder-based ISOs such as Gandalf's WinPEs will automatically be configured if you simply add the files to your E2B USB drive.

This new version just has PEStartup and PortableApps (with no apps) and a few configuration options:

  1. Adds file \TheOven_Startup.cmd
  2. Adds \AIO\Tools folder

Configuration settings in PEStartup:

  1. Change wallpaper (see screenshot above)
  2. Add Shutdown and Reboot Desktop shortcuts
  3. Add PEStartup Desktop shortcut
  4. Add PortableApps Desktop shortcut
  5. Run PortableApps on startup
To add some portable applications, run PortableApps and click on the Apps - Get more apps tab.

Once added, you can set up Desktop shortcuts to any of the portable apps using the PEStartup - Shortcuts button.

Tip: If you are running Windows 64-bit full OS, you can run \AIO\Tools\PEStartup\PEStartup_x86.exe and also PEStartup_x64.exe and configure each one as you like, without needing to boot into each 32-bit and 64-bit WinPE OS. Just be careful not to click on the Options - Perform button or it will change your Windows OS!


If you use a file extension of .imgPTNLBAa23 then any second or third Primary partition on the E2B USB drive will NOT be removed when you switch in the new image file. This is useful if you wish to UEFI-boot and still have the files on a second partition of the E2B Hard Disk accessible. For instance, PortableApps or disk images can be kept on the second partition.

Alternative App. Launchers

Most (all?) Portable app. launchers are 32-bit and they launch 32-bit portable apps. See my previous old blog for more details about alternative Launchers.

This means that a WinPE 64-bit OS must have WoW64 installed (and some launchers even require .Net of some sort too!).

PEStartup can run on a pure 64-bit WinPE OS however as it comes as both a 32-bit and 64-bit app, and so you can configure shortcuts and autorun settings so that pure 64-bit apps are run on pure 64-bit WinPEs, and pure 32-bit apps are run on 32-bit WinPEs.

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