Wednesday 29 April 2020

How to get Batocera working on your Easy2Boot USB drive

Batocera is a linux-based games emulator + KODI.


It can be downloaded as a .img.gz file and it is an image file which is intended to be written to a flash drive or SD card.

Here is how to get it working on your E2B drive:

1. Download the Desktop/Laptop version (x86 or x64) - I downloaded the x64 64-bit one.
2. Use 7zip to extract the vfat.img file
3. Drag-and-drop the vfat.img file onto the MPI Desktop shortcut (NOT the MPI_FAT32 shortcut).
When prompted by MPI, use the default answers (FAT32) but specify a Volume Name of BATOCERA (RECALBOX for v5.26). Syslinux 5 can be used when prompted. It won't hurt to increase the size of the image when asked either.
4. Run Make_Ext.exe on your E2B drive to add a new file named BATOCERA and create a large ext3 file with a Volume Name of SHARE.
The size can be 300MB or more (depending on what extra games or videos, etc. for KODI that you might want).
5. Copy the vfat.imgPTN file to the \_ISO\LINUX folder of your E2B drive.
6. Rename it to BATOCERA.imgPTN.
7. Copy the BATOCERA file to the same folder
8. Now run Make_This_Drive_Contiguous.cmd
9. Run SWITCH_E2B.exe and switch in the new files - accept the default of 0x83 for the partition type. Ignore the Windows complaints about the ext3 partition which it cannot access!
10. Now edit the \batocera-boot.conf file in the root of the new partition and change the autoresize setting from true to false:
# resize the internal partition if needed (disabled automatically once done)
11. Finally, double-check that the volume name is BATOCERA by right-clicking on the USB drive in Explorer (the 'vfat' one) and choosing Properties. If it says EASY2BOOT then change it to BATOCERA.

Note: For v5.26 use a volume name of RECALBOX or it won't boot! You may also have to change the \boot\syslinux\syslinux.cfg file and change the LABEL=BATOCERA to LABEL=RECALBOX.

Now you can MBR\Legacy boot or UEFI-boot.

If you have E2B+agFM and it has three partitions, you can keep the second partition accessible, however you will need to rename the batocera.imgPTN file to give it a .imgPTN23 file extension and you will need to place the batocera file on the third partition.

Ptn1: \_ISO\LINUX\Batocera.imgPTN23
Ptn2: (agFM files)
Ptn3: \Batocera

Note: If you just use the .imgPTN23 file extension but do not move the Batocera file to the third partition, then it will not UEFI-boot.

Note: agFM v1.47 has a problem with .imgPTN files - use a newer version!


To get the Share folder to synchronise with the SHARE partition, you will need to tell Batocera to use the ext3 partition as follows:

1. MBR-boot to CSM E2B menu (after switching in the .imgPTN file)
2. Press SHIFT+p and type 'easy2boot' for the menu password
3. Press SHIFT+c to get to grub4dos console
4. type uuid  in the grub4dos console
5. Make a note of the uuid of the hd0,2 partition... (example only below - do NOT copy exact uuid - use your own!)

6. Press ESC and quit (F10).

Now edit the batocera-boot.conf file - comment out the old sharedevice and add in the new one...

Note that the SHARE volume will have a /batocera folder which has the shared sub-folders

Tip: You can reformat the ext partition as NTFS (or possobly exFAT) - then find the new uuid and change the uuid in batocera-boot.conf. The partition will then be accessible under Windows (or MAC) so you can copy files into it. The volume does not need to be named SHARE either.

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