Saturday 18 April 2020

agFM 1.43 now available

v1.43 changes:
  • Special extensions (e.g. .iso3g, iso64, imgptn2364pwd) are now not listed in the agFM menu list if the criteria does not match
  • Fix for partition 4 needing to be erased after selecting an ISO using partnew\easy2boot option.
  • True Hide\Unhide .cfg files in \e2b\Sample agFM Menu files\MISC\
  • Latest grubfm
  • .iso323gb, .iso3gb, .iso4gb, .iso644gb extensions now recognised
  • F1 now displays total memory in system
  • if using 'pwd' string in the extension, you must set pwd variable in your user startup menu (e.g. set pwd="Hi Steve") - beware of incorrect keyboard scan codes if using AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboards!
To update, just run \e2b\Update agFM\Download and Update agFM.cmd.

File extension suffixes:

The order is critical for agFM:  23 AUTO 32\64 3GB\4GB pwd

The supported extra file extensions exist as files in the \boot\grubfm\types folder.

For example, if you have

  • \_ISO\LINUX\Ubuntux64.iso64
  • \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10\Windows 10 64-bit.iso64

then they will not be listed if you boot on a 32-bit system.

If you have

  • \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10\Windows 10 64-bit.iso4GB

then it will only be listed on a system which has 4GB or more of RAM.

  • \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10\Windows 10 32-bit.iso32 
will only be listed on a system with a 32-bit CPU.

Let me know if you have any problems.

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