Monday 6 April 2020

DrWeb LiveDisk (with non-persistent updates!)

I have updated the blog for DrWeb here and also provided a downloadable .imgPTN23 image file which can be used by E2B and agFM for UEFI64 booting. It seems however that the updates are not persistent even using a flash drive made with their utility!


  1. 1. Make a 800MB FAT32 partition on a USB drive
    2. Download and run the DrWeb USB creator utility drweb-livedisk-900-usb.exe
    3. Run it to extract the files to the USB drive
    4. Boot the USB drive on a real system - this prepares it
    5. Refresh the updates - reboot and check updates are persistent

    Antivirus updates and a text file on the desktop are NOT saved after a reboot.
    When I add the "persistent" parameter to the kernel boot options, I get the same result as when testing in a virtual machine.

    Moreover, I tried it now without the .mnu file (only the file \ _ISO \ MAINMENU \ drweb.isopersist and the file \ drweb-rw). This also does not work for E2B (MBR) nor for agFM (EFI64)

    Perhaps the developers have changed something, but now the persistent function doesn't work.

    1. doh! I tried it today and you are correct - it is not persistent!
      So developers have messed up.