Sunday 5 April 2020

agFM v1.37 available with Ukrainian language + updates and new agFM video uploaded

I have uploaded a new video demonstrating agFM v1.37 and the best way to add ISOs for AV, Windows Install, WinPE, Linux, etc.
  1. Latest agFM build
  2. Update languages - add Ukrainian uk_AU
  3. Change bootup message
  4. Add \agFM_version.txt file to hold agFM version number
  5. Update the SAMPLE_startup_menu.txt file and add in new variables
  6. Add .isowin type
  7. Add sample .cfg files for DLCBoot and nbrt.
  8. Fix UEFI not booting as drive 0 issue
Download from Alternate Downloads area for a1ive grub2 File Manager.

Don't know why, but the volume is fine before I upload it to YT, but then it's always too quiet when streaming from YT - it's very annoying!


  1. Please take a look at this project ( Maybe we can improve grub2-filemanager using his code.

    1. Really interesting - he has done great work! Being able to make a virtual drive in Legacy or UEFI would solve a lot of problems. Would be good to add this to agFM for linux booting.

  2. Thanks for your work! Can you help me, please? I can't load Drweb-livedisk-900.iso with persistence mode. I created both for E2B mode and agFM mode (I used the file ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.grubfm). Xubuntu works well, DrWeb doesn't!
    I see error "(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing file system" or just "(initramfs)". Am I doing something wrong?
    Here are the modes that I tested in virtual machines


    2. Thanks! I saw all the pages. I have all the necessary files with the right code according to the instructions. I will use ESET SysRescueLive, because I have already spent a lot of time on DrWeb ...

    3. I have updated the DrWeb blog page and also provided a .imgPTN23 DrWeb_Peristent file.