Wednesday 15 April 2020

a1ive grub2 File Manager v1.41 available

v1.41 2020-04-15 

  • Bugfix to allow non-contiguous Windows Install ISOs to run
  • Latest grub2/agFM from a1ive
  • A few French language corrections
Just run the update .cmd script from the agFM partition e2b folder to update.


  1. I'm trying to use your tool, but it won't let me partition a 1GB drive. I have a very small, very durable drive that I want to just add some basic systems for recovery and troubleshooting. The file manager for grub2 looks awesome. Can you let me know how I can use my drive with e2b? Thanks

    1. 1GB !!!! This is a multiboot USB tool. You need 2GB or more. How can you add bootable ISOs to a 1GB USB drive? 32GB is recommended minimum

    2. I have ubcd, BusterDog, AntivirusLiveCD on the drive. I would like to remove one or more and add a winpe with Portable Apps. Run like BusterDog and winpe. I had to create it outside of e2b using just a1ive FM, but it doesn't have an updater obviously so I can't keep it updated. If it can't be done, it's fine, was just wanting to know :-).

      I do have much larger drives, just wanted to put this one to some use. My wife's PC HD stopped working altogether and felt I could use the drive as a little troubleshooter utility. Put some troubleshooting utilities on it, some kind of linux but more than dsl or tinycore, add an antivirus. After some thought, decided I wanted to add a winpe with winntsetup and utilman hack. Doing this outside of your program is complicated, so figured I'd ask.

    3. just delete the old agFM files and extract the new version.