Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Design a Decomputo-like theme for E2B

A few people have asked about the theme used by Decomputo in their E2B YouTube video:

An example of the Decomputo menu is shown below:

I do not know the exact details of how this was configured, however I can give you a few hints on how to add a similar menu system...

1. The menu headings can be removed by setting the HEADPOS value so that it is positioned off of the display - e.g. to line 47 - set HEADPOS=47
2. The menu help text that normally appears under the menu has been removed. This can be done by setting tophelp to a large value - set tophelp=47
3. The FOOTER text that is usually positioned at the bottom of the screen can be removed by using set HBTM=4700
4. The menu has only 5 menu items per screen and is positioned at the approx. centre of the screen -
set rstart=30
set topstart=4
set menuw=55
set noitems=5
set tophelp=47
5. Each menu has a different background and contains a menu heading that is actually part of the wallpaper in graphics text. You must use a different wallpaper for each menu as described here.
6. The text for each menu item is in large and small capital letters. This can be done by using a different font such as ORATOR_CAPS.UNI.GZ - set FONT=/_ISO/docs/FONTS/Orator_caps.uni.gz
7. The text for the menu directories and some menu entries has been changed. This can be done by defining a new 'language' folder - e.g. copy the \_ISO\e2b\grub\ENG folder to \_ISO\e2b\grub\MYENG and then edit the STRINGS.txt file to change the menu entries. Then set the 'language' to MYENG - if "%LANG%"=="" set LANG=MYENG
8. Extra sub-menus have been added to the menu system, e.g. ACRONIS. Extra menus can be added as described here.
9 The F1, F7, F8, F9 and F10 menu entries have been removed. This can be done by setting the appropriate options in the E2B_Editor.
10 Some method is required to move back to the Main menu. Set up a global hotkey, e.g. using F8 - ()/%grub%/hotkey [F8] "set MFOLDER=/_ISO/MAINMENU && configfile (md)0xa000+0xA0" > nul
11. The menu entries are not numbered by using set AUTONUM=0 and there is no menu border - set bdwidth=0

As a starting point, try these \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg settings:


set GMODE=800

set rstart=30
set topstart=4
set menuw=55
set noitems=5
set tophelp=47

color normal=0x808040
color helptext=0x0001FF
color highlight=0x0080FF
color standard=0x00FFFF

color border=0x80FF80
set bdwidth=0

set HEADPOS=4700
set HCOLOUR=0006

set HBTM=4701
set FCOLOUR=0101

if "%LANG%"=="" set LANG=MYENG

set EXTOFF=1
set NOF7HD=1
set NOF8MAIN=1
set NOF9R=1
set NOF10H=1
set NOF1=1

# --------------------------------------- ADVANCED MENU SETTINGS -------------------------------------------------------------

# DO NOT DELETE THE LINE ABOVE! - Settings below this next line will be preserved when using the E2B_Editor.exe

set FONT=/_ISO/docs/FONTS/Orator_caps.uni.gz

()/%grub%/hotkey [F8] "set MFOLDER=/_ISO/MAINMENU && configfile (md)0xa000+0xA0" > nul

Adjust the colours, etc. as required using E2B_Editor.exe.

More work will be required by you, in order to add the different wallpapers for each menu (see video) and to make a MYENG language folder and alter the STRINGS.txt file to change the menu text.