Tuesday 19 December 2017

Design a Decomputo-like theme for E2B

A few people have asked about the theme used by Decomputo in their E2B YouTube video:

An example of the Decomputo menu is shown below:

I do not know the exact details of how this was configured, however I can give you a few hints on how to add a similar menu system...

1. The menu headings can be removed by setting the HEADPOS value so that it is positioned off of the display - e.g. to line 47 - set HEADPOS=4700
2. The menu help text that normally appears under the menu has been removed. This can be done by setting tophelp to a large value - set tophelp=47
3. The FOOTER text that is usually positioned at the bottom of the screen can be removed by using set HBTM=4700
4. The menu has only 5 menu items per screen and is positioned at the approx. centre of the screen -
set rstart=30
set topstart=4
set menuw=55
set noitems=5
set tophelp=47
5. Each menu has a different background and contains a menu heading that is actually part of the wallpaper in graphics text. You must use a different wallpaper for each menu as described here.
6. The text for each menu item is in large and small capital letters. This can be done by using a different font such as ORATOR_CAPS.UNI.GZ - set FONT=/_ISO/docs/FONTS/Orator_caps.uni.gz
7. The text for the menu directories and some menu entries has been changed. This can be done by defining a new 'language' folder - e.g. copy the \_ISO\e2b\grub\ENG folder to \_ISO\e2b\grub\MYENG and then edit the STRINGS.txt file to change the menu entries. Then set the 'language' to MYENG - if "%LANG%"=="" set LANG=MYENG
8. Extra sub-menus have been added to the menu system, e.g. ACRONIS. Extra menus can be added as described here.
9 The F1, F7, F8, F9 and F10 menu entries have been removed. This can be done by setting the appropriate options in the E2B_Editor.
10 Some method is required to move back to the Main menu. Set up a global hotkey, e.g. using F8 - ()/%grub%/hotkey [F8] "set MFOLDER=/_ISO/MAINMENU && configfile (md)0xa000+0xA0" > nul
11. The menu entries are not numbered by using set AUTONUM=0 and there is no menu border - set bdwidth=0

As a starting point, try these \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg settings:


set GMODE=800

set rstart=30
set topstart=4
set menuw=55
set noitems=5
set tophelp=47

color normal=0x808040
color helptext=0x0001FF
color highlight=0x0080FF
color standard=0x00FFFF

color border=0x80FF80
set bdwidth=0

set HEADPOS=4700
set HCOLOUR=0006

set HBTM=4701
set FCOLOUR=0101

if "%LANG%"=="" set LANG=MYENG

set EXTOFF=1
set NOF7HD=1
set NOF8MAIN=1
set NOF9R=1
set NOF10H=1
set NOF1=1

# --------------------------------------- ADVANCED MENU SETTINGS -------------------------------------------------------------

# DO NOT DELETE THE LINE ABOVE! - Settings below this next line will be preserved when using the E2B_Editor.exe

set FONT=/_ISO/docs/FONTS/Orator_caps.uni.gz

()/%grub%/hotkey [F8] "set MFOLDER=/_ISO/MAINMENU && configfile (md)0xa000+0xA0" > nul

Adjust the colours, etc. as required using E2B_Editor.exe.

More work will be required by you, in order to add the different wallpapers for each menu (see video) and to make a MYENG language folder and alter the STRINGS.txt file to change the menu text.

Centering the menu entries

E2B v1.A0 and later versions will also centre the menu entries if you add these lines to the MyE2B.cfg file:

# reduce helpful messages (not recommended) and show wallpaper as early as possible
###set redir=1 ;; call Fn.70 3

#remove menu arrow pointer
setmenu --triangle-off

# centre all menu entries and menu help text within 'menuw' region
# only works on E2B v1.A0 and later
setmenu --middle-align
# if centering menu entries, set hstart to 0 - start offset of menu help text
set hstart=0
# set a short highlight bar for background of highlighted menu entry (E2B v1.A0+)
set SHORT_HL=1

# F1 Help
if exist /%grub%/%LANG%/F1.cfg ()/%grub%/hotkey [F1] "configfile /%grub%/%LANG%/F1.cfg" > nul
# F7 to boot from internal HDD
()/%grub%/hotkey [F7] "map (hd0) (hd1) && map (hd1) (hd0) && map --hook && chainloader (hd0)+1 && rootnoverify (hd0) && boot" > nul
# Ctrl+F8 will re-enumerate all files and re-load the Main Menu
()/%grub%/hotkey [Ctrl+F8] "configfile (bd)/%grub%/menu.lst" > nul
# F9 reboot
()/%grub%/hotkey [F9] "reboot" > nul
# F10 Shutdown
()/%grub%/hotkey [F10] "halt" > nul

See also \_ISO\docs\Templates\CentredMenu\MyE2B.cfg

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