Saturday 16 December 2017

Easy2Boot v1.97 Full Release is now available

The latest E2B v1.97 full release is now available from the Alternate Download Areas.

Changes from v1.96 are:
  • Download is now in self-extracting .exe RAR4 format instead of .zip format (less false-positive virus alerts!).
  • Small change of all E2B menus and language files - menu help text now does not have leading space at start of each help line.
  • New grub4dos 2017-12-05
  • New hstart and hwidth parameters can be set in MyE2B.cfg to set the menu help text x start offset and the line width. You can now position the menu help text anywhere on the display.
  • Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd now prompts user to delete or change the size of the 500MB CONTIG.ISO file.
  • New Make_E2B.exe - the extract button now works even if no USB drive is detected and it was not run as admin. Also, it now warns that user will require WinHelper USB Flash drive for Windows Install ISOs if Fixed Disk type of USB drive is detected.
  • Fix $Default E2B Menu.cfg by adding !BAT to prevent initial error message after using PimpMydrive.cmd (bugfix).
  • 'No !BAT string in MyE2B.cfg' error message suppressed if no MyE2B.cfg file exists (bugfix).
  • Snappy SDIO .cfg file changed to suppress GNU licence EULA on first run + updated version
  • CENTREHD code revised for better centering of menu headings.
  • Small bugfix to E2B_Editor.exe + it now lists both .bmp and .jpg files in open file dialog by default.
  • New setmenu draw-box command added (see here).
  • String command bugfix and documented on E2B site.
  • New BoxDemo sample theme added to demonstrate new hstart, hwidth, drawbox, line and string features.
  • Small \_ISO\Sample_MyBackground.jpg file added for use with E2B_Editor.
  • Small changes to some .cfg sample themes.
  • Desinfect 2017 sample .mnu file added.
Please report any issues ASAP! If you have used Pimp_My_Drive.cmd to add extra mnu items, please re-run Pimp_My_Drive.cmd again after you have updated to the new version.

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