Friday 8 December 2017

Silence grub4dos boot-up messages

As gub4dos boots, you may see the following messages as it boots.

If your E2B USB drive is an exFAT drive, you may see even more messages.

The \_ISO\Sample_MyE2B.cfg file contains some sample code lines which can suppress these and other boot messages by patching the code in the MBR and the \grldr file.

This should work on both grub4dos 0.4.6a and 0.4.5c versions.

# --------------------------------------- ADVANCED MENU SETTINGS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# DO NOT DELETE THE LINE ABOVE! - Settings below this next line will be preserved when using the E2B_Editor.exe

# Tip: To permanently remove the grub4dos boot text at top of screen and grub4dos startup messages, run \_ISO\docs\patchme from the grub4dos console
# See - patching grub4dos

# hstart = x position of menu help text (default = rstart-1), min = 1, 0=use menu width and menu start
# hwidth = width of menu help text (default = menuw+2), 0=use whole width - 2 x hstart
# Warning: Graphics corruption will occur if you exceed the width of the screen (hwidth+hstart < 100 for 800x600)!
### set hwidth=70 && set hstart=6

# Write text to the menu (grub4dos 0.4.6a only) - --string=x=y=colour="text" - all commands are cached\remembered by grubdos unless menu is re-loaded (max. 16)
# clear all previous strings
###setmenu --string=
# write string to grub4dos display cache buffer (max 16 allowed)
###setmenu --string=69=18=0xFF00FF="Hello"

# You can also draw lines and boxes - see

# Silent MBR boot of stage 1.5 grub4dos (works for both 0.4.5c and 0.4.6) - one reboot is required for it to permanently take affect.
### if exist /_ISO/docs/PatchMyMBR call /_ISO/docs/PatchMyMBR > nul
# Silent startup of grub4dos - no diagnostic/info messages (only works for 0.4.6a by changing debug msg=2 to debug msg=0) - permanently changes /grldr files (please use \_ISO\docs\patchme for patch if not using 0.4.6)
### cat --locate=\x02 --replace=\x00 --skip=0x2073 --length=1 /grldr > nul
### if exist /%grub%/grldr_046 cat --locate=\x02 --replace=\x00 --skip=0x2073 --length=1 /%grub%/grldr_046 > nul

So if you uncomment the three ### lines and add the lines to your \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file, the grub4dos on your E2B drive will be patched on the next boot.

Once you have booted to E2B, the MBR and \grldr will have been patched and you can then comment out or remove the patch code lines from your \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file to improve boot speed.

To reduce the E2B start-up message (not recommended), see here.

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