Friday 8 August 2014

New .cfg file extension recognised by Easy2Boot

The new version 1.55 of E2B recognises the .cfg file extension which can be used for changing the 'theme' of E2B  (non-volatile, the change will be remembered on reboot).

Any .cfg files that are in a menu folder (e.g. \_ISO\MAINMENU or \_ISO\UTILITIES, etc.) will be enumerated and listed in the relevant menu.

The contents of the .cfg file should be the same as the contents of a valid MyE2B.cfg file.
When you select a .cfg file from the menu, QRUN.g4b runs and copies the contents of the file to the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file (which, of course, must be present).

The \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file must be at least as big as your .cfg file.

To change the menu entry from just listing the filename+extension, you can make a .txt file for each .cfg file (containing a 'title' entry) in the usual way or use the 'set EXTOFF=1' line in the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file.

In this way you can switch to any 'theme' from a menu entry.

Jolene.cfg added to MAINMENU

To demo E2B menu capabilities or compare 'themes'  see for ideas.

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