Sunday 24 August 2014

Easy2Boot v1.55 released (at last!)

Quite a few changes in version 1.55, thanks to many others for ideas, improvements, language files and bug reports!

E2B v1.55 changes:
  • F1 Help Main menu added (English only). F1.cfg help file can be translated into other languages.
  • \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst code change to work around incompatibility issue between AMI BIOSes and MyDigitalSSD OTG USB drive - grub4dos losing all variables! Affects HP Compaq dx2400 microtower, Asus M4A89GTDPRO-USB3 motherboard, Asus x550ca - all have American MegaTrends BIOS. Exact cause still under investigation.
  • Portuguese language STRINGS.txt added (thanks Carlos).
  • Romanian language STRINGS.txt added (thanks Anto).
  • French language STRINGS.txt added (thanks Nicolas).
  • New \_ISO\docs\mythemes folder added - supports adding a $Change_Theme.mnu menu file to the Main menu. Read the ReadMe.txt file in the folder for more info.
  • .cfg file extension support added - can now switch themes by copying a MyE2B.cfg-style file to a menu folder.
  • \_ISO\docs\Sample E2B Templates folder name changed to Templates due to path length limitations in grub4dos. If updating, you can delete the old Sample E2B Templates folder.
  • Latest grub4dos grldr versions included in E2B (important long-standing NTFS bug fixed in new version). Longer paths allowed for splashimage, etc. see for details of fixes.
  • EXTOFF variable added for MyE2B.cfg file - if set to 1, file names are listed in the menu without their file extension.
  • Various small changes to Qrun.g4b, English STRINGS.txt and other E2B files.
  • You can change or remove the menu   arrow marker symbol which indicates the highlighted menu entry, using a new grub4dos feature (see Sample_MyE2B.cfg).
  • If you prematurely abort an .imgPTN file selection, the 4th partition is now cleared instead of leaving it switched in.
  • Sample_MyE2B.cfg has sample code to detect host display resolution and choose different wallpapers.
  • linux script revised so works with older bash shells (thanks Todd).
New files added to \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files folder:
  • linuxmint-17-mate-32bit-v2_Persistent.mnu - for new versions of Mint
  • Tails_for_USB_HDD_Persistent.mnu - required if running Tails from a USB HDD or if you want persistence
  • Change_Wallpaper.mnu - allows user to change the wallpaper background from a menu entry
  • Change_Language.mnu - menu entry to change E2B language
  • Change_Theme.mnu - menu entry to allow user to select a theme
  • BlueTheme.mnu  - example of how user can select an alternate Theme template
  • Desinfect_2014_Peristent.mnu
  • Desinfect_2014_with_Updates.mnu
  • A_BlankMenuEntrySeparator.mnu - fancy 3-line separator
  • Win_Vista_7_2K8R2_Direct.mnu - for Win install menu entry with preset XML file
  • Win_Win8_2012_Direct.mnu - for Win install menu entry with preset XML file and/or KEY
  • PTN_LOG1_Menu.mnu - If you have an E2B drive with a Logical partition, you can boot from files on that partition with this menu.
As always, let me know if you find any problems - there are many 1000's of happy E2B users who don't have a problem, so if you do find a problem ,it will probably be due to an incompatibility with your particular system or payload file. Many of these sorts of problems can be worked-around or fixed, but only if you let me know using the Contact Me page on the website!

Let me know what you think of the new changes.

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