Saturday 2 August 2014

grub4dos secrets!

As you may know, E2B and most of the Tutorials on use grub4dos. I have got to know grub4dos pretty well and I love it's flexibility. It has been improved quite a bit in the last few years (thanks chenall and tinybit!) and there have been some changes which have not been reflected in previous documentation or guides.

So, I just thought I would point out a few articles on the website which you might find useful:

Tutorial 21 is a grub4dos tutorial - useful for beginners and the more advanced user.

Tutorial 71 is about some of the programs which you can run under the grub4dos environment, such as wenv, hotkey, chkpci, fat and bios. It also describes how to run grub4dos batch files.

Tutorial 57 is about configuring grub4dos menus, hiding startup messages, making a silent splash screen, configuring 'secret' keys, etc.

Finally, Here you will find a page about the special hidden, secret and undocumented features of modern grub4dos, also what memory areas grub4dos uses, what internal variables are available, new commands and operators, the undocumented Fn. functions calls and lots of other goodies!

If you want to get a feel for grub4dos batch files, have a look at any of the Easy2Boot grub4dos batch files (they usually have a file extension of .g4b) - an advanced coding example can be found in the dpms2.g4b batch file if you are feeling really geeky!

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