Sunday 31 August 2014

E2B v1.56 now recognises .iso64 file extensions

E2B v1.56 Beta6 and later versions will now recognise the .iso64xxxxx file extension and will only list the ISO in the menu if the system contains a 64-bit CPU.

This means that if you boot from a 32-bit CPU, you will not see the menu entries for any 64-bit ISOs if you simply use a .iso64 file extension for them.

Note that this does NOT apply to ISOs under the \_ISO\WINDOWS folder (the Windows Installler ISOs) - for these you must use the .ISO file extension.

Most of the .iso family are supported - e.g. .iso64, .iso64PE, .iso64PE01, .iso64mem, .iso64win, .iso64linux, .iso64grub, .iso64force, .iso6401, .iso64dd, .iso64gz, .iso64e0, .iso64meme0,  .iso64pup and .iso64WB.

You can prevent all the file extensions from being listed in the menus by using  set EXTOFF=1  in your \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file.

Note: If your menu uses FASTLOAD, you do not need to Refresh the menu when you boot on a different 32/64 bit system. The menu will test for a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU each time it is loaded.

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