Friday 21 February 2020

Trouble finding WinPE ISOs?

Recently, it seems very hard to find WinPE ISOs such as Gandalfs PE,  Bob Omb's WinPEs, Medicat, DLC Boot, etc. and some websites (like seem go up and down faster than a tarts knickers!

Other sites just seem to be blocked (by Windows? AV? Browser?) and request a username and password but don't let you sign up first!

Google also seems to have a hard time returning meaningful results too.

After a few hours of looking for various bootable ISOs I eventually found:

They seem to have a good selection and the download is not too hard to get to!

P.S. I am not recommending this site and have no connection with it. Please ensure you take any necessary anti-malware precautions when downloading from it!


  1. That site also appears to have problems. I tried to download Segei's WinPE and started getting a bunch of "Blocked" messages and then got a verbal message from "Microsoft" that my system was infected and my personal data was being sent to them for analysis and to call a phone number to get support to fix the problem.

    Whatever is going on is spreading fast. I wonder if it is only on Windows systems?

    1. That sounds like malware! Scan your system ASAP.

  2. They are just popup ads used by filehosting...nothing to do with the site. All files I have downloaded from that site are clean.Close those pages or use JDownloader and you won't get any problem.

  3. You might find some PE download links on this site as well.
    You'll need to register to see the download for Bob Omb's latest release, possibly for some others as well..